I'm a photographer based in Paris specialized in the image of men and male body.

I'm shooting both artistic nudes and fashion.


If you would like to preserve the way how your body looks today or you simply would like to do the shooting making you feeling attractive... whatever your reason is, I will be happy to work for you.
I'm also available for shooting couples (both hetero and homosexual).

I'm absolutely discreet, respectful and do my best to create beautiful images.

You can find some of my works in the Gallery or on my website: https://www.awafijolek.com

I work in studio and in rented hotel rooms.


In case of any question or inquiry, please feel free to contact me via email awa.fijolek@gmail.com


I'm not searching for collaboration, I take only paid assignments.


Je parle franšais, mais pour moi c’est plus facile de communiquer en anglais (et russe ou polonais)





 - Vincent, Reclining nude
Vincent, Reclining nude